These clinics are for men and women who want to have more fun playing golf. The One Day Clinic improves ball striking ability on the lesson tee and course management during the 9-hole playing segment. The Short Game Clinic teaches the finese shots on and around the green through demonstration,one-on-one instruction and group practice. The Playing Lesson focus is on course strategy.  Each of the three clinics will save you 3-6 shots a round.



One Day Clinic

Virtually all aspects of the game are covered in three segments during this day long clinic (6 hours). The full swing and six specialty shots are demonstrated and followed by one-on-one instruction and group practice. Then it’s onto the course for a playing lesson followed by a 1/2 hr post round practice session. A complete "learn to golf" program for the beginner and a structured improvement program for the intermediate golfer.

Short Game Clinic

The scoring zone is 75 yds in. This 2.5 hr clinic teaches proper technique for the 6 specialty shots and shot selection thru risk/reward analysis. It is the ideal "next step" instructional program for golfers who want to improve their game and shoot lower scores.

Playing Lesson Clinic

A Playing Lesson is the ideal format to develop good course management skills. You'll evaluate each situation faced during the round: lie, distance, potential trouble and discuss options using risk/reward analysis before each player executes the chosen shot. The scramble format allows time for explanation and discussion on each shot while maintaining pace of play.